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Hamra Street is one of the main streets of the city of Beirut, and It is located in the neighborhood of the same name, Hamra. Its technical name is Rue 31 and is considered as a main economic and diplomatic hub of Beirut.
Although it has yet to revive fully its pre-war legacy, Hamra Street has undergone many renovations and is still regarded by many as the heart of the city.

Committee Members

Zouhair Itani

President of the Association

Bachir Hariri

Vice President

Mohamad Khodor Salam

Secretary Board

Mohamad El Heraki


Mahmoud Al Rahi

Representative of the Association for the Government

Scope & Vision

Street Carnivals Management

Hamra Street is a traditional heritage street where all parties of all ages, colors and education meet.

Maintain Cleanliness in Hamra Street

Keeping Hamra street clean creates a positive impression for our community and neighborhoods.

Green Environment Consciousness

Our objective as Hamra traders is to plant trees surrounding Hamra Street which will bring healthy and hygienic environment.

Youth Generation Leading

Young people are more receptive to change and have a large chance in creating a strong future.

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