Our main objective as Hamra traders is to plant trees surrounding Hamra Street which will bring healthy and hygienic environment. We can help save the environment in our simple ways. The simplest way is following the three Rs: Reduce usage, Reuse and Recycle.

By saving the environment we save the future generation. Promoting and making scarifies today by preventing harm to the environment will no doubt eliminates dangers which future generations will endure.

Environmental awareness is an integral part of the movement’s success. We need to be cautious about our environment because the effect of pollution on environment has become a large scale and it is not possible to handle it if citizens of the country are not supportive for various measures to be taken to minimize the pollution level.

A clean environment promotes healthy living. Failure to protect and save the environment increases the introduction of contaminants and toxins that cause pollution.

Our committee promotes environmental consciousness through awareness campaigns and the use of green technologies and practical efforts. Our plan is to use recycle bins for pavements and by encouraging the usage of the recyclable materials or degradable such as the use of paper not plastics byplacing separate bins for trash and recyclable wastes.