Hamra Street is a traditional heritage street where all parties of all ages, colors, sects, education and etc… meet.

This street holds our past and present heritage; Among our activities:

  • Create cultural events and activities that target all age groups.
  • Create events that reveal and nourish the diversity that is found in Lebanon.
  • Conduct several carnivals and Festivals which occur during special occasions (Christmas & New Year, Eid El Fitr and Adha , and other different occasion) adding joy and happiness to all parties.
  • Our vision at Beirut celebrations is to provide the Lebanese with an opportunity to embrace their cultural heritage and to promote traders‘ products through their involvement in these events.
  • Work with Beirut municipality to enhance our street in terms of maintaining our green environment and its cleanness.

It is without doubt that carnivals are an important social and cultural event which promote economic activities at our street.